So what is EcoCab?

EcoCab is Hawaii’s first all hybrid taxi service. We believe that Hawaii’s most precious resource is its environment and we are committed to preserving our home by being as “green” as possible. Equally important is our commitment to the visitors and residents of our island home. To this end, we treat every customer as a VIP and strive to provide the best service possible on every trip we make with you.

What kind of vehicle does EcoCab use?

Our vehicles are the latest, state of the art Hyundai Sonata hybrids. These vehicles are powered both by electric motors and a conventional fuel engine. Our vehicles produce significantly less green house emission that a conventional gas-only powered vehicle. You will also be happy to know the Hyundai Sonata has been named a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS and NHTSA.

I have heard that EcoCab cars are connected to the Internet. Is this true?

Yes, each EcoCab is a wireless hot spot that will work with your Wi-Fi enabled personal devices. You can use your personal mobile devices with our hot spot. You may also use the Samsung Galaxy Tablet that is located in the back seat passenger area.

Are EcoCab drivers trained?

Each and every EcoCab driver is a driving professional that has gone through rigorous class and road work to deliver safe, secure and knowledgeable service to our customers. Each driver has gone through driving safety, local knowledge, Hawaiian culture, basic Japanese and Korean languages, and are certified in CPR and first aid. You can be assured that you are being served by our finest hosts.

We are new to Hawaii. How can we be sure we know where we are going?

Each driver vehicle is tracked by GPS monitors at the Central Dispatch Office. Not only are we making sure that every driver is taking the best route to any given destination, we are also able to provide our drivers with up to the minute traffic advisories. 

How big is an EcoCab?

The Hyundai Sonata is classified as a full-size family sedan by the EPA. It comfortably seats four passengers plus the driver. Trunk space is adequate for typical light travel but please contact our Dispatch if you have a lot of baggage or oversize objects and we will see how we can accommodate you.